Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Quilting Dreams

I am planning a new quilt! This will be a wedding gift needed by January 16, 2010. As usual, it needs to be a quick quilt, but it needs to be "cute", too. This pattern is in the November, 2008 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts.

This simple pattern only requires 5 inch squares, but by carefully arranging the tan/beige/cream blocks, the quilt has depth. The darkest squares are used on the outside and slowly fade to the lightest squares in the center. The tan/beige/cream blocks are alternated with various colored squares.

I already have what I hope is enough of the colored 5 inch squares that were a gift to me from a friend. They are 5 inch charm packs!!! No cutting at all needed.

I will have to purchase some tan/beige/cream fabric to make the alternating squares, but that will be easy and I already have some in my stash to get me started.

What do you think?


Pen Pen said...

Love it! Who is getting married that is special and lucky enough to receive a quilt????

Rhonda in OK said...

very pretty

I was just looking at a similar quilt made with white squares and bright print squares set in a checkerboard.
I'm thinking you (I) would need to be extra careful and press all the seams to the brights.

as fast as you are, you will get it done for sure.

BLUE SKY said...

They will love it!