Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I still love Quilting!

Here sits my main current quilt project, at the bottom of a pile, in the corner of the sewing room.   There's not much left to do until I can call it a finish!  I need to get my focus back on this quilt and finish it and I'm going to get it back out and set it up for the remainder of the machine quilting

Here's the top from a post about 2 and 1/2 years ago. I plan to post some progress on this quilt soon!   I started on it a looooong time ago.  It is the road trip quilt along quilt that I have posted the progress of many times.

Even if I'm not actively quilting, I never get too far away from my love of quilting, even just driving down the road.  Here are a few barn quilts I got a picture of this past weekend while in the mountains of North Carolina.

I really love barn quilts.  I saw lots more, but its hard to get a picture when you are riding down a very curvy road with a steep drop off on the side and you don't know that a barn quilt is coming into your view until its too late.

Have a blessed day!