Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Early Autumn Quilt Top

Today is Whatcha Working on Wednesday at Leslie's blog, My Country Home.

I finished adding the borders on Early Autumn over the weekend. Please excuse the wrinkles in the quilt top, as I didn't have time to iron it before going to work today!

I REALLY wanted to get the quilt pin basted and start machine quilting it this past weekend. Pin basting a queen size quilt like this is a job that is very physically draining to me because of all the crawling around on the floor that it requires. Also, it requires moving furniture out of the way to make room for this process.

So, I have saved this part of the quilt making process for this Saturday morning. I will vacuum the floor well, tape down the quilt backing, make the quilt sandwich and pin for periods of time, off and on, all morning, until it is done. That way I can put the furniture back in place in time for afternoon College Football tv watching time. :o)

I hope to have made much progress toward completing this quilt by next week this time!


Pen Pen said...

Your quilt is gorgeous... I love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Love this quilt. This is a pattern I have had on my to do list for too long.

Mom2fur said...

I love the colors you used! Thanks for visiting me and the nice comment on my afghan. Your package will arrive eventually--this week, my excuse is a very bad chest cold. It's just knocking me out.

I rarely quilt. It's just too precise for me. I made a quilt with a "Courthouse Steps" design in various blues. It got so old and worn out (because everyone loved how soft it was) that it just...died. Really, I can't believe how some quilts last a hundred years!

Jackie said...

Your quilt is gorgeous - excellent fabric choices.

Kathleen said...

This quilt is gorgeous! Love the colors.

Leslie said...

Sorry that I am just now getting around to checking out what you have been working on. I haven't exactly been myself lately...

You've made progress on your quilt! It's a beauty!

Have a great day :)