Monday, January 11, 2010



The plans for this quilt were first born in my mind well over a year ago when I posted about my plans for the cozy cabins pattern found in the January, 2009 issue of Quick Quilts in these posts: HERE,HERE and HERE.

The year 2009 for me was a year of learning new quilt making techniques, especially free motion machine quilting. I really love this quilting method and am so happy that I am able to free motion quilt on my vintage Singer sewing machine SHOWN HERE. I hope to improve my machine quilting skills this year and to learn to "draw with thread" other patterns in addition to the meandering style of this quilt.

Now that this quilt is finished, I have many plans and dreams for more quilting in 2010. I plan to continue on with completing the quilts I have in progress as well as starting some new projects. I really would like to make a table runner, which should be a quick project.


cottonreel said...

This is a very pretty design and the colours are fresh-cottonreel

Susan said...

It's gorgeous! You're an inspiration!

Little Penpen said...

Absolutely beautiful... love the colors! The machine quilting looks great... I still having done the binding on my little quilt... that I've been working on FOREVER!

Karen said...

Very pretty! An excellent start to the new year.