Saturday, April 7, 2018

"Little John Deere Girl" Quilt Finished!

I've been hand quilting this sweet little quilt for Baby Victoria before and after work for a couple of weeks. It was a perfect day weather-wise to finish the binding. A rainy day outside and quilting on the inside! Heaven...

Rainy weather outside is not so good for taking pictures of a quilt.  But, I gave it my best try.

You know, there is just something about a hand quilted quilt.  This one is soooo soft and cuddly.  It  feels entirely different than a machine quilted quilt.  This make me want to do more hand quilting. 

I would love for Victoria to love this quilt and drag it around and NEED it to go to sleep.  That would make my heart sing!

The measurements are 36 by 40.

Here's a sneak peak at the next quilt I am making for Victoria.  My plan for this one is to tie it with yarn.   A tied quilt is also soft and cuddly, more like a comforter.

A rainy day at home helped me to complete the top!  The measurements are 36 by 48.  That's a pretty big quilt for a newborn, but she'll grow into it.  I used baby quilts with my own babies for lots of things.  They make the perfect "pallet" for them to lay on the floor, etc.

I also continued to work on the Rainbow Scrappy Double Irish Chain Quilt as a "leaders and enders" project while sewing the baby quilt blocks.  I made quite a bit of progress on the purple blocks.

I hope you have enjoyed your rainy Saturday!


Miaismine said...

Yes! We are sisters at heart - I love hand quilted quilts and hope they are used to the recipient's hearts content! Thank you for sharing such a special finish!

Little Penpen said...

Oh Debbie! It is beautiful and the stitching is beautiful! There is a lady on Instagram who goes by SusieStitch1 and she hand pieces and hand quilts all her quilts. I noticed and commented on how soft and fluffy they seemed. I agree that hand quilting gives cozier results, for sure. The next quilt, with her beautiful name on it.... isn't Victoria beautiful? It sounds pretty and it looks pretty when spelled out... that quilt will be a treasure, too. You are awesome and I know that little girl is going to have so much fun with Granny Deb.... lol.... I don't know what they call you!