Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Quilted Walker Caddy from Stash/Scraps

I made this for a friend's walker this week.

It has a front and back pocket and securely attaches with Velcro, sort of like a saddle bag. The pocket in the front has a small Velcro closure to protect its contents while out and about in stores, etc.

I would like to embellish it a little by adding a ribbon bow on the front. If I make more of these I would like to add other decorative touches like ribbon or rickrack trim.

I was determined to make it without buying any fabric and I had exactly enough fabric in this color from scraps left over from this quilt made years ago!

I am really doing well at using what I have on hand and reducing the contents of some of my plastic bins!


Pen Pen said...

It looks nice Debbie! Now I plan to check them out more thoroughly when I go back to work tomorrow. Ha! What a sweet thing to make for someone using a walker. I'm sure "fashionable" women using walkers would love to have several bags to coordinate with their outfits, since they can't really carry a purse. oooh... Vera Bradley is missing out on a golden opportunity here!

Denise said...

What a great way to use up your stash.

Auntie M said...

Maybe Debbie can be the new Vera Bradley!! She is well on her way, don't you think, Pen Pen? What with the purses and accessories for same that she did last year, and now these quilted walker caddies - she's a winner.

Debbie, this will be so helpful to the lady who receives it.

Florrie said...

I love using my stash in my projects, not sure what a walker caddy is, but love the fabrics you used..........the quilt reminds me of spring, such fresh colours.
florrie x

Granny said...

That looks great Debbie. The ladies at the nursing home love them and the brighter the better.