Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Quilt, or simply a Quilt Top?

This Quilt belongs to a coworker/friend of mine who after telling me about it, brought it for me to see. It was given to her by another friend whose aunt had made it. From her description I thought it would be a quilt top that had never been quilted.

But, after seeing it I decided it was meant to be used as it is. It consists only of the top with no quilt batting or backing. Its COMPLETELY hand sewn using polyester fabric, which makes it quite heavy. Since the squares are set on the diagonal, this makes the edges have a pointy edge, like "prairie points".

Its a beautiful pattern and lots of work went into it! Have any of you ever seen such a quilt that has no backing or batting?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Iron-On Quilt Label

I posted about making quilt labels HERE. In this post I mentioned and posted a picture of a book full of iron-on quilt labels that you can color with crayons and markers. Well, I needed to make a label for Maddox's Jungle Babies Quilt II, since it was finally time to deliver the quilt to him.

It worked out pretty cute! I did need to go over the words with a black permanent fabric marker to make it look nicer, in my opinion. I had my doubts about using crayons, but it actually worked really well!

It was really easy. Here's how you do it:

Iron on the label according to the directions. Then use freezer paper to stabilize the fabric so you can write and color on it. I guess most of you know how freezer paper works, but you iron the fabric onto the shiny side of the paper which makes the fabric stick to it. When you finish, just peel it off.

To set the crayon coloring, just place a pressing cloth over it and press with the iron.

I was very happy with the results.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Fall Strippy Runner - Here we go Loopdey Loo

**** A little note: I hope its not too much of a problem that I will be posting some of the same things on this blog as my Homemaking Dreams Blog. Any time I post about quilting here, I want the readers of both blogs to see it. So, if you follow both blogs, you might see duplicate posts. If you haven't read my Homemaking Dreams blog, check it out. Thanks for your understanding.

This is the first runner I have made and the first time I've done a different kind of free motion quilting other than meandering. I love the loops! It was just like making cursive small "e"s. Easy and I think cute!

Every time I see these loops I want to sing that children's song: Here we go loopdey Loo, here we go Loopdey Li, on a Saturday night. Not sure of the words, but its something like that... isn't it?