Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Its WIP Wednsday at Freshly Pieced. Here's my progress this week:

1. I have been working really hard on the red and white double 9 patch quilt this week! My goal has been to complete three blocks each week day and six blocks on each weekend day. Each of these blocks contains 49 pieces. Of course, strip piecing helps a lot, but still each block takes a little time to complete. I try to work for just a few minutes in the mornings before work, even if its only 5 minutes. Then after work I start to work on quilting while supper is cooking

I'm up to 57 blocks and I need 72. So just a few more days and the blocks will be finished. Then it will be time to sew all of the blocks together and match up all those seams!

The Stack:

Working on more blocks:

2. The Jacob's Ladder Quilt Along.

Here are the first two blocks. I really love how they turned out and am looking forward to making more. I made a decision not to buy any fabric and I've come up with some nice fabric combinations using what I have in all those plastic containers in the sewing room. I Can't wait to show you the blocks as I make them.

Here are close ups of the lighter fabrics in the blocks:

3. Crumb blocks

Here are a couple more blocks made from the crumbs I am accumulating while working on the red and white quilt.

4. Hand quilting the Grandma Quilt..... well it makes a great place to put projects.


LynCC said...

Love your Jacob's ladder blocks - that's going to be really neat.

Melinda said...

Love your Jacob's Ladder! And your red and white is going to be lovely. I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for my red and white hexie quilt! My original plan was to have it done by 9/15 for the Temecula Quilt Co. red/white online show, but I'm not close to finished. They extended the date to the 26th though. You should check it out!
Read the September 1, 2011 entry!

Pen Pen said...

All your work is so pretty. I love the colors for your Jacob's ladder blocks.... truly masculine for your son. I can't wait to see the red and white quilt finished... are you going to machine quilt? Also, the crumb blocks are really pretty... do you use a foundation piece? They are going to make a happy and colorful quilt one day!

The Thompsons said...

Seriously lovely! I particularly love your Jacob's Ladder- there's something fun and satisfying about being able to create a quilt completely within your stash.

Impera_Magna said...

You're making a lot of progress, Debbie... but you're also tempting me to start in my JL quilt... *lol*

Kate said...

That Jacob's ladder project looks amazing! Nice work, and great colour/fabric choice.

Rhonda said...

Your "Jacob's Ladder" blocks look nice! And I really like those cute little "crumb" blocks!

Leanne said...

Your blocks are lovely! I also like the crumb blocks, It looks like another quilt is going to appear out of those too!