Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In My Sewing Room - Tuesday

Good Morning!

Here are a few things that make my sewing room cozy for me.

Some Bible verses taped on the wall directly in front of the sewing machine. Lately I have looked up the Sunday readings for the upcoming week and then I write down some that have special meaning for me on index cards. That way I can keep them on my mind all week, which helps me to be ready for church on the following Sunday. This is better than just hearing them in church and then promptly forgetting about it.

A few pictures of some loved ones. These are of my Jacob and my Lori when they were small, along with a special cross stitched Bible verse that I received in a blog swap box.

A cork board with more pictures of loved ones and some other special things.

Hanging on this rack is a purple scarf my daughter crocheted for my birthday one year. I will always treasure it.

These things help to make my sewing room one of my favorite places!


Rita said...

You have the best ideas. I'm sure I'll use some of them coming up. I've noticed how organized you are and it really seems to help you accomplish a lot. I especially like writing down the bible verses to keep them in my mind and prepared for Sunday worship. Thanks!

Pen Pen said...

I love seeing your little personal things that make you smile! I don't have my sewing room decorated yet, but I have lots of little things I hope to display in there.

Impera_Magna said...

A happy sewing room is more productive... love all the special things you have in yours! I particularly like the Bible verses behind your machine... one does a lot of thinking while sewing...

Rhonda said...

"Like!" :)