Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eli's Warm and Fuzzy Quilt, Part One

Our newest grandbaby, due to be born in August, is a boy and his name is Eli.   This week I am working on a sweet and soft flannel rag quilt for him.

This is my first rag quilt, so I am learning as I go.  I made some rag edge burp cloths for my last grandson, Walt,  shown HERE.  They turned out really well, so I have just a little bit of experience in the rag quilt process.  I'll be making some of the rag edge burp cloths for Eli, as well.

You can find many tutorials for making rag quilts on the internet. But, I'll give you the instructions for this quilt as I go along, in case any one is interested.

It seems to me to have the least waste, that it make sense to cut the squares in a number that is divisible by the width of your fabric.  In most cases the biggest size would be 7 inches.  You can get six 7 inch squares from one strip cut 7 inches by the width of the fabric.

7 inch wide strips
This quilt is made from two fabrics, so I cut seven 7 inch wide strips from both pieces. 

Then I cut the strips into 7 inch squares which yields 42 squares of each fabric.   This quilt will finish at approximately 36 by 42.    I worry that its a little big for new born, but he will grow into it.  I might make more of these for baby shower gifts later and will make them smaller.  Maybe 36 by 36?

Then I cut 42 five and 1/2 inch wide squares of quilt batting. This is such a great way to use left over pieces of quilt batting! 

Squares of fabric and batting ready to sew.

Close up of fabrics
In my next post, I'll show you more of the process of quilting the squares and putting this quilt together.  Its a very quick quilt!  I expect to finish before the weekend is over.

Happy Thursday!


Auntie M said...

This is amazing!

Pen Pen said...

That's going to be a soft and cuddly quilt, perfect for little Eli. (I love his name)

Rhonda said...

I like your idea for least waste.
I am thinking these grandsons will be brothers?