Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quilt Labels, Past and Future

I recently completed two quilts and made these two quilt labels:

My sister gave me this book of "iron on" quilt labels. I am excited to try one of these out! The directions say to color the labels with crayons and markers. I'm not too sure about using crayons.... but I think an ironed on label in plain black and white would be nice. I could then fill in the blanks with my black permanent fabric pen. At some point, I may do a trial label using crayons and/or markers to see how it turns out before sewing it on an actual quilt.

The book of iron on quilt label transfers:

Have any of you ever used these type labels? How did they work?


Unknown said...

Its a very good idea to label the quilts. I am planning on doing that, but I constantly forget it :o) Your blog is very nice!

Little Penpen said...

those are pretty.... i've have an embroidery pattern that uses crayons to color in the design... the heat is supposed to set the color. I haven't tried it yet.

Catsngrams said...

I have never seen quilt labels where can I get them? my e mail is
carantik@msn.com Thanks I love your labels.

Myra said...

The special boy one is on a baby quilt of my son's made 6 years ago by a family friend and has been washed repeatedly with no issues.