Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last night I joined in with many other crafting ladies doing a Friday night "sew in". I didn't decide what I was sewing until the last minute, but had been wanting to make another "Jungle Babies" baby quilt. I had most of the fabric needed already on hand and made a quick stop on the way home from work yesterday to pick up a little more of the Jungle Babies Fabric with the big animal faces.

My intent was to make a quilt top from start to finish and so I chose this simple pattern. As hard as I worked I couldn't finish it last night. So, as you can see in one of the pictures below, the morning sunshine was shining in on my work!

You can see the FIRST JUNGLE BABIES QUILT HERE that I made for my grandson, who is now almost three years old.


Finishing up early this morning:

Up close:

I had to laugh at myself when I realized this quilt is a just a really big 9 patch! It definitely is turning out to be my summer of the 9 patch quilt challenge!

9 patch squares are one of the easiest patterns to use when using the leaders and enders system, so as a result, I also made four more 9 patches for my summer 9 patch quilt. It is going to be made totally from scraps. I am digging through all my bins and containers of scraps to find some very interesting combinations.

I loved doing the Friday Night Sew In! It gave me the incentive to really get something done. I plan to finish quilting and binding this quilt as soon as possible and then it will go into my Etsy Shop. I am often in need of a baby gift and my theory is that if the quilts in my Etsy Shop don't sell, I can always pull one out for a baby gift as needed.

Have a great QUILTY day!


Susan said...

It's so cute! Love that Jungle Babies fabric; it's perfect for making a baby quilt.

I had the worst time with my sew-in last night! I got just a little bit done on a bag I'm making, mainly because I had to do some frogging. I don't get to sew much on the weekends because my pastor/husband and I share an office. Back at it on Monday!

bettyp said...

Love the baby quilt!! Thats very smart of you to do a fast quilt for the FNS !!
I have joined in on the fun of Friday Night Sewin before but I forgot all about it this month !! Just too much going on I guess.

Denise said...

Great job Debbie, I really enjoyed FNSI and look forward to the next one.

Terri said...

That is too funny. I'm making Emily's teacher a baby quilt and have the same exact material! Except I was dumb enough to cut it into 6 inch squares which chopped most of their heads off. Sigh. At this point I need to get it done so I'm not redoing it.

Granny said...

That quilt is so cute. I love doing the nine patch.

Little Penpen said...

Love it... and what a wonderful gift to "just pull off the shelf" for a baby gift!

L said...

That Jungle babies quilt is just adorable looking. I love the idea of using the patch squares for a quilt. It is simple but beautiful.

Connie said...

How cute is that? I have this fabric and never thought of doing this. Very cute.