Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Summer 9 patches are growing...

9 patches are so fast to go together! I started a week late on the one a day 9 patch summer challenge, but I'm already almost caught up.

Eight are complete:

Two are cut out and ready to put together tonight:

Today is June 10th, so since I will have 10 blocks done today, I'm caught up! Doing one square a day from here on out shouldn't be a problem. If I miss a day I can just do 2 the next day.

My 9 patch squares are 6 1/2 inches, since I am using 2 1/2 inch small squares and strips to make them. I realized after I got started that I have this 6 1/2 inch Easy Square. After finishing pressing each square I use the Easy Square to check for accuracy.

I'm also making progress on another quilt. This one uses 5 inch squares arranged in a light/dark sequence. The outer portion of the quilt will have darker squares than the inner part of the quilt. I am stacking up the squares in the order they need to be in for one row and any time I get to the end of a line of stitching, I stick a row of this under the needle and sew another square on to a row. I love to make two quilts at one time and it saves so much thread!


Denise said...

Looks good, I am anxious to see the light dark layout for the second quilt. You have a good eye for matching colors, not easy when you are working from scraps.

Little Penpen said...

I love the nine patch! How many blocks will there be?

Debbie J said...

Hi Penny, for a twin size it will take 70. Then there are sashing and a border to add to that. It should finish at 66 X 90 or so.

Rhonda said...

I'm enjoying seeing your color combinations! I have a lot of fun doing that, too. :) I like your idea of having 2 projects going at once.

Mom2fur said...

I totally need to try quilting again, since I have a new machine. It actually has a 'table' that attaches to it so you have a bigger surface for your fabric. I'd like to try to make a disappearing nine-patch, but what I really want to learn is how to make one of those awesome rag quilts!
If I ever get around to quilting, I'm going to use you as inspiration, LOL!