Friday, June 8, 2012

Monkees Gone Wild!

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Happy Friday everybody! Here is my progress on the Sock Monkey/Curious George quilt I have been working on.

I came home from work yesterday and instead of working in the yard as I should have, I opted to work on finishing this quilt. Supper was going to be simple, quick and LATE since my dh was working late. I used the two hours of bonus time to make quite a bit of progress.

Got it pin basted:

I decided to make the quilt into double monkey trouble by using the Sock Monkey design on the front and for the backing, some Curious George fabric that had been languishing in my stash for a loooong time.

So the name of the quilt is of course: MONKEES GONE WILD! Can you guess my age since I automatically spelled Monkeys, Monkees? As in Davey Jones Monkees? LOL

I don't have pictures yet, but I even FMQed OVER half of the quilt before calling it a night.

By the way, we had BLTs and fruit salads for supper. We are now using turkey bacon and loving it!

I'll post the finished quilt this weekend, Lord willing.


Terri said...

I love it and the theme! As a child, I loved the Monkees!!!! Thanks for sharing, Debbie!

Auntie M said...

Well, aren't you something!!!!!
Talk about using every second to advantage! And, the quilt is aptly named. Good job.

How big will this one be?

Little Penpen said...

Loving the monkee quilt!!!! (i liked the monkees too) I had my first BLT yesterday...oh so good. (except for I used REAL artery clogging, hip fattening bacon..LOL)