Monday, February 13, 2012

A Winter Weekend in the Sewing Room

Thinking Spring with another clothespin bag:

A nap mat cover and matching pillow for a friend's little boy to use at day care.

Got the sewing machine set up for free motion quilting and quilted a few blocks before I officially hit the wall last night:

I hope you accomplished some winter weekend sewing at your house!


Pen Pen said...

Love the spring clothespin bag..pretty colors! Yay for Jacob's quilt...on the machine!! I'll bet it will be finished by this weekend!!!

Betty Lou said...

Cute little clothespin bag, I remember those days of hanging out the clothes on the line and fresh they smelled when they were day. You had a good sewing week-end with lots of nice accomplished.

Susan said...

Love that clothespin bag! We haven't had a harsh winter, but I'm ready for spring anyway!

How are you quilting the Jacob's Ladder? All-over free motion, straight lines . . . ?

Mary said...

You certainly have been productive. The clothespin big brings back memories for me too.