Friday, December 21, 2012

The Truth about the batting in The Winter Quilt

I was ready to finish the Winter Quilt a few weeks ago and discovered I had no quilt batting large enough. I didn't want to make a trip to the store for the batting which would have taken too much of my quilting time.

Its not recommended that you piece quilt batting, unless its maybe just two large pieces.  But I pieced the entire batting using left over strips from other quilting projects.

I felt comfortable doing this because I knew this quilt would be mostly for display and would not receive the heavy use and laundering that a baby quilt or bed quilt would receive. I laid the quilt top on a bed and then laid out the strips in different shapes and positions until the top was covered.

To make the strips fit together snugly I overlapped them and cut through the middle. When I removed the two little strips on each side of the cut the pieces fit together better.

Then I hand sewed together the strips. This did take a little time, but was much less time than making a trip to the store. We don't live too near any stores that sell quilt batting and besides, this was a no cost batting.

Then I pin basted the quilt as I normally do.

The small free motion quilting that I did also serves to secure the layers, including the pieced batting.

So, now you know my little secret....


Granny said...

I piece the batting for quilts when I'm running short on batting. I've also used a fleece blanket as a lining for a baby quilt that was going to Alaska. It's been a year since I made that baby quilt and it's been through many washings and still holding up.

Pen Pen said...

I love your little secret and think it was a smart thing to do!! ps... a friend told me about some $5 polyester blankets at Wal mart (twin/full size) that she uses for batting. She washes them first and actually uses them on her long arm quilter....they look great. I bought one to try! Batting is expensive!!!

Rhonda said...

That is how our grandmothers would of done it. Make it do and don't waste, right? The quilt is beautiful too.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Nice work...I do not hesitate to piece saves money and batting is so expensive...we have to try to find ways to save so we can buy more fabric, right???
Nice quilt!!

beth said...

Your in good company! I have many of those little secrets as well! ;)