Friday, December 28, 2012

Sewing Room Organization

I'm deep into the organizing and cleaning of the chaos that is known as my sewing room!

Here's a small idea that I love. Zipper pouches that kids use for pencils in their notebooks make good places to sort like items, such as pins and needles.

I bought these three for a dollar each. Look for the ones with the see through plastic on top. They are better than zip style plastic bags because they are stiff and stand up better. You can also put them in a notebook and put the notebook on a bookshelf.

One of these holds all kinds of pins and needles. The second one holds all kinds of purse making supplies. The third one holds several packages of all sizes of elastic.

Today I plan to go back for a few more of these so I can continue on with the organization of the sewing room this weekend.


Betty Lou said...

Great idea to use the see through pouches. I store like items in small plastic containers but you can't see what is in them. Will be on the lookout for some pouches.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Thanks for the idea of the zipper pouches. If I can find them it will be good for keeping my material I buy receipts handy or gardening receipts or...... Hope I can find them! Nancy