Monday, August 30, 2010

Thomas The Train Quilted "Big Boy" Tote

My grandson turned three this past weekend and I just had to make him something. As a quilter and seamstress, I can't seem to pass up an opportunity to make a handmade gift for my loved ones. But, I do try to make sure its something they can use.

Recently I bought 2 yards of Thomas the Train Fabric on clearance for $2.50 per yard. I decided my grandson already has enough quilts made by Grandma,for the time being. But, what could he really use? Well, any toddler just beginning preschool needs a bag to "tote" his blanket and pillow and big boy underwear around in. No more diaper bags, this is a BIG BOY BAG!

If you would like to make a bag like this, my "Reusable Grocery Bag" tutorial might be helpful. It can be found on my other blog, Homemaking Dreams. The only change is that I quilted the outside panels before putting it together.

I meander quilted the outer panels like this.

This is what the outer sides look like after being quilted and trimmed.

I used a heavy fabric for the backing of the quilt sandwiches and for the inside of the handles. My sewing machine could just barely go over the seams when sewing the top together. For my next quilted tote I will use a regular weight fabric for the quilt sandwich. But, I think this bag will hold up well to whatever my little preschooler puts it through!


Rhonda said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
How cute. That sure is a big boy bag.

Florrie said...

I adore "Thomas the tank Engine" fabric.....but my little boy is now almost 15.....lets hope that my new grandchild that's due in October loves this fabric too. Lovely bag.
florrie x

Alexandra said...

This is wonderful! Great fabric. If my son was younger he would have loved this. I remember the days of Thomas the Train. :)

Sheri said...

Really cute!

John'aLee said...

What a darling topper! I love that you show the process of how the tote is made too!