Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Results

My Friday Night Sew In has turned into a Saturday Morning Sew In both times I have participated! Although I did cut out and sew a little on the apron last night, I did the majority of the work on it this morning. I was just too tired to work on it past 8:00 last night.

I had no one to take a picture, so I took this one in the bathroom mirror:

Close up:

You can see the other side of the apron in this picture.

I have some small scraps of this fabric left and am thinking of making myself a lunch bag from them later today. I have been taking my lunch on a regular basis for a while now and am tired of using plastic grocery bags to pack them in.

Have a great Saturday! Its going to be 100 degrees or more here today with a heat index of 115, so I will definitely be inside!


Denise said...

Great finish Debbie, I didn't get a lot done last night but still progress. I will be posting soon.

bettyp said...

Thats a nice looking apron !!
Smart girl taking your lunh to work!!

Rhonda said...

Pretty apron!

Florrie said...

I have been trying to photograph an apron I made today.......and without a model it is no easy task, I hung it from the stairs and tied it to a! I could be reported for cruelty against aprons. Love your apron
florrie x