Monday, September 28, 2009

Quilt Stories

There are so many stories associated with quilts. Each quilt has its own story and every quilt block pattern has a story or history. I'd like to write some posts about some of these stories.

By the time I finish making a quilt, it becomes a part of me. You spend hours and hours planning it, working with it, spending time with it and touching it. I even lay awake at night sometimes worrying about it. We give them special names and give them to special people. An awful lot of love goes into a quilt!

Baby Quilts made with love for my grandson, two years ago:

Here's one example of the history of quilting:

In the early days of quilting, many religious quilters felt that only God is perfect (I agree!), so they would deliberately make a mistake, which they called a "God Fear Patch" or "God Fear Square".

I can assure you that not all errors fall into this category! My quilts are always flawed in some way, but this gives the quilt character in my opinion. I strive for perfection, but I'm never going to make it. Only God is perfect! But, I hope that the love that I put into each quilt will overcome any imperfections.

If you make a mistake on a quilt or other craft, that can't be fixed, do you let it go or start all over?

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Anonymous said...

Though I am not a quilter, Debbie, I will read 'Angel Scraps' and enjoy.

Also, would you like for me to gather fabric remnants for you from my 46+ years of sewing? I gave a large bag to Mrs. Wiggins many years ago, and she never used them. So, early remnants are gone.

Keep smiling!