Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Splendid Sampler

I've been doing a lot of quilt sewing lately! One new project that I'm doing is the Splendid Sampler Mystery Quilt found HERE. There will be 100 blocks released over a period of a year. There are two new blocks a week, one on Sunday and one of Thursday. Here are my first two blocks. They are small, at only 6 1/2 inches.   I may redo the heart block because the lady bugs show through the heart fabric!

"Wings" and "Hears Aflutter"

This one was a real challenge for me. Since the block is so small and there are so many pieces (46!), its extremely hard to make everything match up. But, its great experience in helping me improve my piecing skills.

This one is called "Wings".  I didn't do the embroidered antennae for the butterflies.

I'm also working on a twin size quilt for my grandson, Eli.  He is now in a big boy bed.  Its a log cabin pattern and will be arranged in the field and furrow design.  I'll be showing my progress on that one soon.


Cathy said...

I love your blocks. I just finished mine. This is going to be a fun sew along. Hugs

Little Penpen said...

42 pieces and only 6 1/2 inch block?? Oh my.... def. out of my league. I'll be looking forward to seeing your fun blocks.