Monday, June 30, 2014

Its a Christmas Quilt!

I can't believe half of 2014 is already over! Lately, the only quilts I've made have been for the grandbabies, and the Lavender Kisses Wedding Quilt.  We've also been quite busy attending a wedding shower, a baby shower and a wedding.

This weekend I had two whole days to pursue whatever I wished!!!  So what did I do?  I finished up the Log Cabin Christmas quilt top I started a few months ago and was working on as a leaders and enders project.

My inspiration for this quilt came from Sewn From Grace HERE.

I arranged the log cabin blocks in the field and furrows design.

I chose as many fabrics that had small Christmas designs and also fabrics that were red or green, but did not necessarily have a Christmas print on them.  There are lots of stripes, dots and plaids.

I stayed away from too many novelty type fabrics.  BUT, I will be making some quilts from those fabrics too eventually.

It was too windy to hang the flimsey quilt top on the clothesline, so I laid it on the grass and used the clothes pins as weights to hold it down a bit.  I had to carefully check to be sure there weren't any fire ant hills nearby.  They are everywhere in our yard this year!

I was also able to get this quilt pin basted and ready for machine quilting.  I'm trying to decide how to quilt it.  I want to do swirls, but meandering sure is faster!

This quilt is a throw size or sofa quilt size.  It will be used mostly for a cozy farmhouse decoration during the holidays, but can be used to keep warm with too.  I can't remember the exact measurements, but its 50 something by 60 something.  :o)

I also worked on a throw size quilt for my hubby in fall colored fabrics that are very masculine and also have some what of a Civil War reproduction feel.  He chose the fabrics way last fall and I am finally able to work on it.  Pictures of it will come later.


Little Penpen said...

I love the Christmas quilt. That's at least two Christmas quilts for you , right? I would love to have holiday quilts for year round, but I can't even seem to get one done a year!!! You amaze me!

Auntie M said...

Great job, Sister! You continue to amaze me.

happeningswithLana said...

Love it! Your hubbys quilt is pretty too!