Monday, March 4, 2013

Quilting With Children

I had a little helper over the weekend.   My 5 year old grandson came over and we had some good quality time together doing little boy things. And he wanted to help me with my quilting. So, we decided to make a quilt for his little stuffed "ducky"
 Ducky was not available for a picture.

He made the fabric selections and chose the quilting designs. When I was guiding the fabric under the sewing machine foot, he pushed the pedal. He was really good about following directions when I would say "go" or "STOP!" (Notice the exclamation mark after stop!) LOL

There are swirls, rocks, a heart and a fish quilting designs.

He also really enjoyed removing the clips from the quilt I am pin basting, so I could move the quilt over to pin another section. He really has strong little hands to be able to do this and was so proud when I commented on this.

I am reading a library book right now called, "The Five Love Languages of Children". One thing that really makes sense to me and which worked with my grandson, was to spend quality time with the child first. Then you can do your own project without them feeling left out.

So, to fill up his "love tank", I played with him, read to him, fed him and talked to him quite a bit before I worked on any quilting. Of course, being his Grandma, I stopped to pay him attention often!


Pen Pen said...

Precious post! I love the ducky quilt and I see some new quilt designs in there!! You are such a good grandmama!

Karen said...

I love your little Cars quilt, it's so cute! I saw some Transformers fabric at my LQS the other day, maybe I'll get some and get my boys involved too :o)

Auntie M said...

Good deal! You are a great grandmother. I know that you had a good day, and I bet that he did, as well.