Monday, January 14, 2013

D9P Quilt Along

If you are like I was, you might know what D9P means. It stands for Disappearing Nine Patch.

Impera Magna at the Adventures of the Empress of the Universe Blog is having a D9P quilt along which you can join.  It sounds like a lot of fun and a nice way to encourage and be encouraged in our quilting efforts. CLICK HERE to see and join!

Here's my very first ever D9P!

The D9P can be arranged in lots of ways to create different end results. I am choosing a scrappy pattern, since I am the queen of scraps!  On Impera's blog you can see some great other patterns using the same D9P.

I spent some time yesterday cutting out my 5 inch squares and gathering some 5 inch charms that I already have.  I don't intend to buy any new fabric for this quilt

Its so much fun cutting fabric apart and then putting it back together again!


Pen Pen said...

I agree there is something therapeutic about cutting fabric and seeing it back together again! Have fun!

Betty Lou said...

Your D9P fabric is so beautiful, will make such a feminine quilt. I am using a lot of Thimbleberries that I need to get put into a quilt. The D9P is fun to make and sooooo simple. Try it in a baby quilt, you will love it.