Friday, December 23, 2011

The Pillows

These pillows and pillowcases are ready to be given as gifts for Christmas. I think its important that gifts be something useful and I think everybody can use an extra pillow. Its also nice when gifts are personal and each of these is different and hopefully will be something that fits the personality of the person receiving them.

Another great way to make these useful is to use them as a gift bag. This idea came from Freda of IMPERA MAGNA. The pillowcases go together so quickly, you still have time to whip one or two up!

As for me.... I've called off any more sewing until after Christmas!


Betty Lou said...

Merry Christmas t o you and your family. The recipients will love their new pillows. I look forward to new sewing adventures in 2012.

MJ said...

Great Idea!!

Granny said...

I'm sure those pillows and pillowcases will get lots of use. I can see the recipients using them while watching their favorite team on tv.

Merry Christmas Debbie.